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“Oh Canada”

The idea to create this page came from hearing countless heartfelt stories about the steel flags I have designed and created, and how they have touched the lives of so many people across the country. I thought there had to be a good way to bring everyone together, connect them and give people a chance leave and share their own personal stories.

In 2013 I created my first Canadian Flag art piece. Since then the flags have soared in popularity with "one of a kind" versions being sold all across North America. I have even got the honour to make flags for the “Poppy Memorial Outreach Program", a not for profit program that supports the families of fallen soldiers. Through this program my flags are reaching a level I could have never imagined. Flags are now on display in Museums, Fire halls and even in the Prime Minister’s Office!

For me these Flags of steel symbolize the strength of our amazing country. With the support and help of so many people the “Oh Canada” flags have taken on a unique life of their own. I am so very grateful and proud to be a part of their journey.
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Flag Stories